Message from Director

Alumni are our ambassadors to effectively portray the image and vision of your great Institute, IIIT Allahabad, Prayagraj.

Just your expression that ‘I am from IIIT Allahabad’ makes us feel proud and enriches us with a vigour to get that expression echoed, from your juniors of the next batch and the next batch and so on.
Now that you are alumni, we are very sure that you will have the concern to know how your alma mater is doing, and we are equally confident that you will stand by us, with us and for us.

With the social networking framework, I wish that all of you remain connected amongst yourselves and as well with your alma mater.
IIIT Allahabad remains a part of every one of you, at any time and all the time.

With my best wishes,

Prof. Mukul Sarad Sutaone

Office of Alumni Affairs

The Alumni of IIIT Allahabad are our global ambassadors. Their accomplishment across various domains have brought the Institute global recognition. The Institute is thankful to its alumni for their spontaneous contribution and support. The Alumni Cell envisions to maintain a close bond and share various current events and policies with our alumni. The office of the Dean, Technical and Promotional Affairs (TPA), and last but not the least, the faculty members and students in the Alumni Cell strive to create a platform for organising several alumni events and activities such as branding and fundraising throughout the year.