Why IIIT-A needs your support

From access to higher education, to broader career possibilities, to better resources on campus – your gifts are the gateway to making a difference in the lives of our students and the communities we live in.

No matter the size of your gift, every rupee counts because collectively, with your classmates, your gift to IIIT Allahabad helps change lives directly/indirectly.
 the Alumni Donations will primarily be part of the “Endowment (Corpus) fund” where a part of the collected fund may be spent on a designated category/ head/ activity (out of the four categories namely A. Infrastructure, B. Students Support, C. Academics D. Others)

Gifts from you help to buy books, assist students in presenting their award-winning papers at conferences, provide scholarships, purchase library resources and provide emergency support to struggling students. All of these improve the IIITA student experience and create opportunity.

This is to inform you that any amount of donation made to your alma mater individually (taxpayer of India) is eligible for  tax benefits under section 80G in India. In order to avail the tax deduction providing PAN number at the time of payment is mandatory.

Sustaining high quality of education and research — with a major impact on the society at large — is pivotal in the growth of an academic institution. Good groundwork support (buildings, equipment, networks, etc,) and high quality human resources (faculty, staff, etc.) are critical to a quality institution. IIIT  Allahabad is a unique institution in its structure. We have 7000 approx. alumni of the institute in 20 years. This means not just more students, but also research across more domains and hence more impact. This requires a delicate balance between quality and affordability of education which can be achieved largely through philanthropic gestures from multiple sources, of which alumni can play a key role.

Where you can donate( Proposed)

1. Infrastructure

Strong infrastructure (classrooms, labs, hostels, sports facilities, etc) is the hallmark of any good institution which is why it forms an important parameter used in all popular rankings of educational institutions. Possible categories under infrastructure are :
  1.  Gymkhana, stadium
  2. Addition of facilities in the hostel such as Geysers/Solar water heaters etc.
  3. Vehicles for Institute such as bus, SUV, electric car, e-rickshaw, ambulance for
    students in the campus etc.
  4. Facilities for Differently-Abled (DA) students/staff.
  5. Exclusive guest house for Alumni or constructing exclusive rooms in the existing
    Guest houses for alumni.
  6. Enhancing Hobby Club facilities.

2. Students Support

This is intended to  provide access to meritorious students for their education in IIIT-A despite having inadequate financial resources. Possible categories under Students Support are:
  1.  Semester, yearly or full-term tuition fee for Economically weaker students – B.
    Tech/ M.Tech/ Ph.D students
  2.  Financial support to students for attending national/ international events.
  3.   Establishment and maintenance of tinkering lab.
  4. Support for patent filing
  5.  Social and community initiatives

3. Academics

To strengthen the Acammics  power of IIITA we create this category in donation purpose.Possible categories under Academics are:
  1. Lecture Series from persons of eminence (honorarium payment)
  2.  Addition/ Up gradation of Equipment’s, hardware, software and other facilities to
    the exiting laboratories of the departments in the institute
  3.  Establishment of new laboratories
  4. Organizing workshops/ seminars/ training programmers
  5.  Creating Departmental fund.

4. Others

The others contains the two major issue which is given below.
  1. Area of Critical need (e.g. Covid-19 Relief fund)
  2. Faculty/Staff Welfare
  3. Any other activity deemed fit from time to time as proposed by Alumni/ Institute.

Donor Wall Description

Platinum Wall

This wall recognizes those alumni who have made a cumulative contribution equal or above of Rs 50,000/-  to our annual giving campaigns.

Gold Wall

This wall recognizes those alumni who have made a cumulative contribution equal or above of Rs 20,000/-  to our annual giving campaigns.

Silver Wall

This wall recognizes those alumni who have made a cumulative contribution equal or above of Rs 5,000/-  to our annual giving campaigns.

Bronze Wall

This wall recognizes those alumni who have made a cumulative contribution equal or above of Rs 1000/-  to our annual giving campaigns.

Donor names contributing >= Rs. 1000/- will be displayed on the Alumni Website