Registeration on the Alumni Portal can be done with the following procedure:
  1. The registration on Alumni Portal is done only ONCE and is PERMANENT! Institute will use these credentials for all future communication.
  2. We only have email ids of about 50% of the alumni, recovered mostly from LDAP records. Click here to check our records.
  3. If your roll number appears there, you already would have got an email for verfication of its current usage.
  4. If you can access the listed email then you can use it to register on the portal.
  5. If you can access the listed email but want to change it, that you can do that yourself on the portal after registration.
  6. If you do not remember your roll number, please register on the Alumni Facebook Group and send a message to the admin, Jhalwa Alumnus.
  7. If you forget your portal password or if your OTP expiers, click on Reset password/Resend Token on the login page.
  8. If either (a) you cannot access your listed email, or (b) your email is not listed, then you will have to give us an email-id with something that we can verify your claim of being genuine alumni. It can be done in any ONE of the following ways:
  9. If you are wondering why this verification is required, please remember, the registration on the portal is permanent.
  10. For registration/details issues ask Geekhaven on the Facebook.
  11. For more updates and other queries, visit Alumni Facebook group.